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The Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine (ISU CVM) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UNL IANR) have established the ISU-UNL Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine (ISU-UNL PPVM).  Under this program, 25 Nebraska resident students who are admitted to ISU will enroll and complete the first two  years of the veterinary curriculum at UNL and the last two years at ISU.  The 25 Nebraska resident students will pay ISU resident veterinary tuition for all four years of enrollment with the tuition for the first two years paid to UNL and for the last two years to ISU.  Only verified Nebraska residents are eligible for admission to the Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine.

Students apply to the Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine through the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) using the ISU school code.  The application includes transcripts, personal information, essays and reference letters.

All applications are screened for meeting the minimum requirements by ISU CVM.  Records are then available to UNL staff for review.  The admission process at ISU and UNL are similar and follow the same numeric evaluation.

After applications are confirmed to meet the minimum requirements, academic scores are calculated.  Applications are provided to all admission committee members. Each admission committee member rates the applicant for characteristics such as:  experience, work history, leadership and community experience and communication skills.  Reference letters are also reviewed in this phase.

Calculations:  (subject to change)

File Review (Analysis of application and reference letters)           50%
Academic Score (last 45 credit units GPA, required science courses GPA)  50%

The admission committee consists of five individuals: two Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA) members and practitioners and three UNL faculty.  The practitioners are elected by the NVMA and serve a two year term.  UNL faculty are appointed by the Director of the PPVM and serve a three year term.

Nebraska residents may be considered for admission directly to ISU under the following process:  All Nebraska residents will be first considered in the ISU-UNL PPVM process.  During the period of time that the applicant is viable in the UNL applicant pool, the application will not be further processed at ISU.  Following final decision of offers for the ISU-UNL PPVM program, Nebraska resident applications not accepted into that program will be considered in the ISU non-resident/non-contract applicant pool.  Although this alternate route exists, Nebraska residents will be most competitive for admission through the ISU-UNL PPVM program described above.

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