Frequently Asked Questions

A. Walton

How can I be sure that I have completed the required prerequisite courses? Visit the Required Undergraduate Coursework page. Questions regarding whether specific courses will meet the requirements should be directed to the PPVM office. or 402-472-7306.
What additional courses should I take in preparation of veterinary school? Beyond the required prerequisites, we find that successful students have taken additional upper-level courses in anatomy, physiology, immunology, nutrition, and cellular biology.
I'm ready to apply. What is my first step? Because the Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine can only admit verified Nebraska residents, we suggest you start with the Nebraska Residency Application After the Nebraska residency application and any required supporting documentation is received, the UNL Office of Admissions will determine your Nebraska residency status. No refunds will be provided for those who apply and are not granted Nebraska residency status.
How do I know if I am a Nebraska resident for tuition purposes? Nebraska residency status is determined by the UNL Office of Admissions. Information about Nebraska residency for tuition purposes is available on the UNL Office of Admissions' website: Contact the UNL Office of Admissions at 402-472-2023 or if you have questions.
What is VMCAS? The Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) is sponsored by the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC). Applicants use VMCAS to apply to the majority of AVMA/COE accredited colleges in the Unites States and abroad. The VMCAS application allows you to submit one application that is accepted by all selected programs. Once received by VMCAS, your application and materials go through a verification process before being released to your selected school designations. For more information, visit the VMCAS Applicant Help Center:
How many letters of recommendation should I request?VMCAS requires at least three letters of recommendation and will accept up to six.   However, applicants who have more than the required three letters of recommendation will not be viewed more favorably than other applicants.  We recommend you ask four people to provide a recommendation.  If one evaluator forgets or attempts to submit after the deadline, you would still have the three required letters. Remind evaluators who have not already submitted their letter a couple of weeks before the VMCAS deadline. The PPVM office will not accept recommendations submitted after the VMCAS deadline. The PPVM will not accept recommendations submitted any other way than through VMCAS.
If I apply to the PPVM, will I automatically be considered for admission to Iowa State University? Applicants who wish to be considered for admission to Iowa State University must also select Iowa State University as one of their programs in their VMCAS application. Applicants to Iowa State University will be considered non-residents unless they have established Iowa residency.
Should I wait until the deadline to submit my VMCAS application? We encourage applicants to submit their VMCAS application four weeks BEFORE the deadline. This allows VMCAS and the PPVM office to contact you if there are incomplete or missing application items and allows you to have time to resolve these issues before the deadline.